All American Auto Group is now offering Pursuit SVR. Wherever life takes you, Pursuit SVR protects & connects you every step of the way.

Pursuit SVR keeps your car PROTECTED

Pursuit SVR Nationwide Stolen Vehicle Recovery gives you unmatched support and peace of mind with features such as:

  • Coverage throughout 98% of North America
  • Dedicated toll-free 800#, stolen vehicle report & support center
  • Real-time tracking & location information to help law enforcement instantly recover your car

Plus, Pursuit SVR saves you thousands of dollars in the event your car is stolen and can even help you save money on your car insurance. Ask any member of the All American Auto Group how to take advantage of this new product!

Pursuit SVR keeps an EYE on your car...

So you don't have to. Let's face it, things happen. That's when you turn to Pursuit SVR. Pursuit SVR gives you peace of mind even when those unexpected things in life just happen.

  • Be Protected
    Protects against car theft
  • Be at ease
    Teen & senior driver safety monitoring
  • Be aware
    Instant vehicle location
  • Be prepared
    Low battery alerts
  • Be Connected
    Service when you need it
  • Be Frugal
    Save on your insurance premiums

Pursuit SVR keeps you INFORMED

Pursuit SVR uses advanced GPS technology so you know where, when, and how your vehicle is being driven in real-time. You can even send alerts to your email for things such as:

  • Driving over the speed limit
  • Movement when your car should be parked
  • Entering a no drive zone that you preset
  • Low battery voltage
  • And more

Pursuit SVR keeps you Connected

Pursuit SVR is a new App offered through All American Auto Group, that turns your car into a smart connected ride. Pursuit SVR tracks and monitors things like your car's speed and location.

Say you forgot where you parked at a baseball game or at the mall. Don't worry - Pursuit SVR has your back. Just push the locate button on the Pursuit SVR App and voila - you know exactly where you car is parked!

You can download the Pursuit SVR App at the Google Play and the App Store. And it's easy as 1, 2, 3:


Easy to set up


Easy to access from any smartphone, PC, or tablet


Easy to set automated alerts